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published reports are saying he was allowed to be there. complete bay area coverage starts now. . good morning, thank you for joining us, we will check in with steve paulson and see when the rain will come. it ends mostly today, we'll see some sun and they are getting closer but they will be here later this afternoon, highs mainly in the 60s, here is sal. traffic will be light so far and we come to concord, it is already busy but not stop and go. also the commute looks good across the bay, 5:00 let's go back to the desk. new this morning, just hours ago a fire raced through
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a bar in salon know -- salvano county. >> reporter: they are putting out some hot spots behind me and a fire broke out around 2:45 this morning. heavy flames could be seen outside of the rear and then spread inside. this went to a two alarm and they plea of it may be the work of an arsonist. >> off and on we have had a rash of suspicious fires. we had one with a residential building that was vacant. that is under investigation and
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also deemed suspicious. >> -- >> reporter: now last night after 8:00 that fire he was talking about happened 3 or 4 houses down and caused quite a bit of damage and they saw a pattern and they will tell you a reason why they are all connected coming up. over the past 8 months there have been at least 30 fires started in the city of vallejo. ktvu channel 2 morning news tara moriarty. they are investigating a mysterious disappearance a man reported his disappearance yesterday evening. less than an hour later they found his body. he may have fallen and hit a large rock. campus police say he was not affiliated with uc berkeley.
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an autopsy will be performed. it was an alleged assault last night in oakland. after police rushed to the correct yard, reportedly a man was attacked possibly in the head with a bottle at the hotel parking lot. as police investigated, cat william was detained for questioning which surprised people we were talking to. >> i saw fire trucks a bunch of cars and we were trying to look around and see what was happening. >> cat williams is supposed to get on stable tomorrow night at the oracle arena. big refineries may have deceived people into paying
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higher prices. the refineries announced they had shut down for maintenance for two weeks but the report claims records including admissions information indicate those refineries did not stop production. it shows fuel inventories were building in may yet they were 50 cents higher than the national average. state lawmakers will look at the pricing an inventory information. coming up at 5:15, what lawmakers want to say they know about the attack on the obama administration. some parents of a religious school have questions to ask after finding out a sex
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offender volunteered. jeanine was able to find out how he could get on the school's grounds and not get arrested. >> reporter: they are investigating what happened here at the catholic school in early october. the paper is reporting this man, christopher was working the sound system when a parent recognized him as a sex offender and said he was working security at the event. the sheriff's office did not address him because he had a letter from a church official saying he had permission to be there and under the penal code, they could have permission to be there if they have permission. he was convicted of lewd & lascivious conduct with a child under four years old. we are trying to get more
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information from the sheriff's office because the mercury news is stating that the pastor had no knowledge of letter and we are in the process again of trying to contact the sheriff's office and as the morning goes on, we will get hold of the church oh officials. reporting hive jeanine della vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. for a change we have some good news. the analyst says california is now facing a $1.9 billion den fit and that's well better than the budget previously suspected. now improving economy and new tax revenues from prop 30 are all credit ted. san francisco city hall
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should be back to nominal. that fire caused power outages until 7:15 last night. the cause of the fire is still being investigated. sal, do you have everything under control on the east shore? >> i think i to let's take a look at the commute. we started off well but we have an earlier send it but toll plaza is looking nice if you are driving westbound. no problems on the lower deck of san francisco and the commute looks good into the city. 101 is off to a good start. all right, we do have -- not a bad morning, but clouds will be increasing later on.
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we have that in between day. it will be a little cloudy, and they ask me all the time when can i go out and not have it be raining? tuesday night. 30s, 40s and 5 ross. 52 in the city, it just depends and there is a lot of cloud cover that will come in and this is just up with forecast model. it is a seen of things to come. no rain, it could be a few hit and miss showers, no big deal. it starts friday morning. we will be talking about rain and then picks up by 5:00. this is a warm system for sierra. that is a pretty good band
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there and coverage increases. here comes that colder system right there and this will sweep by late saturday into sunday morning so that will be the colder system. and wind picks up cooler, giving way to clouds, high 60s today instead of those low 60s. after that we cloud it up and it does look good on monday. >> thank steve. concerns about a popular energy drink, it could be linked to more than a dozen deaths. and air force recruits following allegations of sexual assaults. good morning it looks good if you are driving on the sunole grade, we will tell you more about the commute and bay
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. happening right here on the steps of the capital building and u.s. congress is gathering for their class photo, more than 80 members of congress and they are learning about ethics about budgets, about staffing, where they are going to live and these are pictures from the
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live steps of the u.s. capital and they are the new elected members of the congress. less than a week after general david petraeus resigned, they are under fierce scrutiny for how they handled it and here is more on how the congressional hearings are happening today. >> reporter: pam, four house and senate committees are holding hearings about the assault in libya. some big questions, why wasn't there more security including where chris stevens was killed and why didn't the cia anticipate the attack or do more to stop it. some have been going after suzanne rice after she said intelligence pointed to a spontaneous not preplanned attack. senator graham said he just doesn't trust her.
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>> i think she should have known better and if she didn't she should not be the voice of america. >> if senator graham should want to go after somebody, they should go after me and i am happy to have that discussion with him. >> reporter: they will hear from the acting cia director today and general david petraeus is expected to testify behind closed doors tomorrow. reporting live, allison burns ktvu channel 2 morning news. and the air force is dealing with training practices in response to rape where all go through basic training. at least 48 female roux cruise the have been -- recruits have
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been affected by this kind of behavior. bp expected to pay billions of dollars in fines for the infamous gulf oil spill. there are several reports that say they have reached a plea deal and details will come out later today. they will reportedly pay a record fine and we don't know what that is yet. the explosion and fire killed 11 workers where there was oil everywhere back in 2010. well, there is better news if you plan to drive, aaa is saying the best gas is in vallejo. it is down #0 cents in the past month. not surprising san francisco still has highest prices but it
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is down 67 cents. they think it will keep dropping about a penny a day. they are looking for an 11- week-old puppy who was stolen from a home. a puppy named gus, there he is, chocolate lab, the burglars also got away with jewelry and electronics. he is wearing a color and his owners contact information. and they are following a shooting involving rival gangs. a man was shot in the back after a gang dispute. two suspects were shot and the man who was shot is expected to survive. they have 13 reports of people dying that may be
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connected to a caffeinated energy drink. there is no information on the drinks but in each case they are cited and fda is still investigating. they say the drink is safe when used as directed. there is a new study and according to the information, a 12 answer can of coca-cola has slightly less than a can of budweiser. >> did people think they were drinking something healthy with those adult beverages? >> i did, but i partake in a responsible way. dave, pam, i think you will like what we see so far, let's
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go to the oakland i am in myths free -- oakland freeway and incase you are trying to catch a flight, you will be just fine using the 880 freeway. also on the san mateo bridge, it looks good incase you are trying to get over to the peninsular. looking here and the traffic on the road sensors, it is showing it is light here and it is already slowing on highway 1 along the coast -- highway 1 along the coast. >> you need to keep talking because my computer is not working. >> well, do you think we will have some rainy commutes coming up? >> yes, tomorrow morning. >> keep talking. i will bring in my bart map, they are doing very well. also i can move the maps and the freeway is off to a good
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start, we have been looking at the livermore valley, 5:18, let's go to steve. it looks more likely on the evening commute but i think there will still be some rain and the first system is not really that strong, but the second one is colder, and it will come late sunday into early monday. in a lot of locations santa rosa, concord, fairfield, they are on the cool side and there is our system, it is working its way towards us, slowly spinning high clouds and we get some morning sun and including clouds. and increasing clouds throughout the day, we had some low mid-70s and we are saying goodbye to those. sun and clouds, winds picks up and this will be more of a
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southeast breeze as that system gets closer. a lot more 60s, mid-to-upper, but cloud cover will take the edge off with your weekend always in view, they are clouded up, a little bit of a break saturday morning but saturday night clearing and tuesday it looks like light rain. european markets are slightly down after germany reported slow growth in the second quarter. japan is bucking the trend gaping almost 2%, a weaker yen is making it easier to sell merchandise globally. checking in on the uy a slightly opening and s&p 500 and nasdaq you can see pretty big drops for the dow jones industrial average. the dow jones industrial average will be mixed and wal-
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mart reports that top revenue was disappointing for wal-mart. and the stock gained more than 12-point 5% yesterday and some worried it would drop further as 800 million shares were own by workers. john mcafee is still fearing for his life. >> who he claims is tar getting him and why he still says he is not guilty of murder. plus a familiar site in the bay area skies... don't forget you can wake up with ktvu channel 2 morning news every morning it will be
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. look at that, i know you have seen that, it is now being ground. it is taking people sight
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seeing since 2008 but the company air ship ventures says it has been grounded because of the recession. a worldwide helium shortage and the lack of a long time long- term sponsor. john maxie remains on the run in the central american country of belize. he said police want to kill him. he says they want to kill him in the murder of gregory faull. >> i am incident except for foolishness, but i intend to stay. >> i am not going to leave this country, this is my home sir. >> and the dog, he keeps at his beach side villa. tiny apartments are being planned, these are just 200
5:26 am
apartments with large square footage. some say it will provide more affordable housing. they will become crash pads and they will debate a 375 unit cap. the teen who won 500 olympic medals signed to swim in 17. she plans to swim at the college level for two years and then plans on turning pro before the olympics in rio de janeiro in 2016 . anything going on, sal? >> nothing, we are off to a good start and traffic looks good getting up to the 880
5:27 am
interchange and no major problems. but the traffic also looks good if you are driving passed mission boulevard, all the way down to the hill. let's go to steve. increasing clouds and it is on its way. by tomorrow morning we will be talking about rain. more 60s and out of thatment. danger facing dozens of homes after that water-main break earlier this week. also new information about the suspicious death that led to a bomb scare and what police are now telling us about the investigation. and police lead a chase through san francisco, we will tell you what we learned about her history and what just happened, that is when the ktvu
5:28 am
channel 2 morning news continues.
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. welcome back, it is thursday november 15th. it is a little bit of a break, our system is beginning
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to move and highs today are in the 60s, here is sal. traffic on highway 4 is moving along very well if you are driving to the concord area. also the morning commute looks good if you are on 880 southbound, let's go back to the desk. a suspected drunk driving in san francisco is facing several charges after police say she led them on a chase. it started on 880 and ended on south vannesque. you know something about the driver as well, right? >> reporter: that's right, the suspected dwi driver has a history and she has been convicted before she ended up here in this corner. you can see what is left of a
5:32 am
box and they are trying fix it and this is a car lot that surrounds them and as we come back here, you can take a look at the wheel, that is what happened when she pushed up on to the sidewalk. now this all started on 880 and chp was monitoring when the driver drove up on the freeway. what you are looking at is 58th and natomas what and he hit a parked car. fortunately that man is okay and in the last 45 minutes they do expect him to be released soon after suffering a bump and maybe a scrape but that collision was not the end of it. let's take you up where you can see the cherry and where he ended up facing. felony dui, hit-and-run, she is also facing enhancement charges
5:33 am
for repeat offenders and they have at least three prior dui convictions. coming back here live, now what you are looking at is the top of one of these street lights. going all the way up there, that is just one more thing she took out and one officer is telling me she took two laps around this block, first the truck and coming back hitting everything else. claudine wong ktvu channel 2 morning news. time is now 5:32, the house fire broke out and damaged this 6 unit building near henry in the neighborhood. they say it started with a heater this morning. >> i got up and grabbed my dog. >> the flames got into the walls and one unit was damaged.
5:34 am
others have smoke damage and we are told nobody was hurt. police say it happened shortly after 9:00 last night. officers spent the evening talking with neighbors who knew the person who died. they found suspicious items and they are trying to find out if this was a suicide or homicide. president barack obama is flying to that area. he will also see recovery effort. andrew cuomo will be asking for $30,000 to repulled -- $30 million to rebuild.
5:35 am
and according to information, in the neighborhood of far rockaway, a bad cough is going around and some are also getting migraine headaches. it could be because of mold in flooded basements and health officials are saying throw out anything that is moldy and clean off pole with diluted bleach. yes crews saw more wet mud was in the streets and city engineers are working out a permanent solution for the hillside but that could take several weeks. they are tracking the investigation at a san jose elementary school after a convicted sex offender was reportedliable to volunteer at
5:36 am
arrest val. and is more on why he was arrested. >> reporter: since school will be opening in a couple of hours i was able to speak to a father who lives around here. he says his son does go to the school and he was surprised to hear a sex offender was at the event. mercury news said he was working the sound system in october when a parent recognized him as a sex offender and told a sheriff. they said he had a letter from a church official saying he could be there. coding -- according to that information they may be allowed to be there if they have what
5:37 am
they need. back out here live on the megan's law website, we did see he does have a san jose address not too far from here and i have contacted the sheriff's office and i am waiting so finds out more from their investigation and i am planning on reporting live jeanine della vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. protesting proposed tuition hikes. students planned a rally later today outside the california regents. >> it includes 6% tuition increases for the next four years.
5:38 am
>> he called on the recent gents to save. well the job market may be getting better for many college grads but apparently not for those with advanced degrees. coming up at 5:45 we will tell you why many may have a tough time finding a job when they graduate. crab season officially got underway at midnight. the crabs will start arriving in hoe call markets. they will be a little more expensive, sell $6 per pound. >> melted butter, just drizzling over. sal is busy, he is keep end an eye on our east area.
5:39 am
right now if you want to get yourself a nice commute traffic is moving along nicely through there. no major problems westbound 580, caster valley is a nice looking drive all the way to 880 and it looks nice on 280 if you are driving up to the san jose region, 880 and 101 is doing nicely, let's go to steve. we have a system which is finally moving and it's kind of rotating along. that something is pumping down. by the time it arrives it will drop 5,000 feet once the system to the north moves in late saturday into sunday and this one will be with us tomorrow. it will start to bring
5:40 am
increasing clouds. and the am than that southeast breeze is with us tomorrow and more so friday night, we might get a break saturday morning and we will wait for that next system saturday into sunday. big difference on the temperatures and a lot of cloud cover. out ahead of that, a form pattern and the trend is for cooler weather and for rain to start moving in. sun and clouds and that wind picks up it could be breezy towards the santa cruz mountains and 60s on the temperatures, oh, my gosh the days are getting shorter and rain on saturday, a little break saturday morning, saturday afternoon should be fine and here comes that next
5:41 am
system it will be gone sunday afternoon but breezy and cooler. an accident seriously injured a five-year-old boy in oakland. >> it is very scary and there are lots of kids around all the time. and the threat from israel is sending them to a new level. and we have a traffic update minutes ahead. stay tuned.
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look at some of the top stories we are looking at. an autopsy is planned on a body found last night on a uc berkeley campus. it is believed a man in his 20s fell off a hill and slammed into a large rock. university police say that man was not affiliated with the university. new research is out questioning the price spikes and that report will be presented at a hearing in san francisco. now it says west coast had plenty of oil during a time when they went up because of reported shortages. and in san francisco, police say a woman driving a jeep perry -- cherokee which slid into a man walking his bike and then it slammed into
5:45 am
another elect calling box -- electrical box. that woman was arrested for dui. it happened on lakeshore avenue. police say the boy was walking with his mother when he ran into the street and was hit. the driver of the van is cooperating with police and witnesses say it is a dangerous area for kids. >> the speed limit is 65 but it's too fast. >> it appears the child ran from the curb into oncoming traffic and the driver had nothing they could do about it. >> police say the driver was not speeding and will not face any charges. san rafael police are looking into a man who may have been stabbed while breaking into a home. a man with a knife broke in tuesday night and one of the woman fought the burglar while the other woman called 911.
5:46 am
the burglary had substantial facial wounds and may also have been stabbed. israel has launched more than 50 air strikes on the gaza strip and at least ten people were killed including the military commander of hamas. this you are looking at people being rushed to an air strip and this is in response todays of rocket fire. israeli leaders are prepared to launch a ground invasion of gaza if necessary. the fbi investigation that throat general david petraeus' resignation has now been identified. it is frederic kris humphries. he was accused -- he accused
5:47 am
her of inappropriate relationship with general david petraeus. more fall out into questionable expenditures at the port oakland. an internal audit shows 200 to 400 thous thousand dollars in questionable expenditures if in travel expense. the director omar benjamin resigned earlier this week after being connected to uh- huhston strip -- a houston strip club. james won paid the expenses on that bill. and california school administrators breathed a sigh
5:48 am
of relief but prop 30 only maintains education levels. if congress does not act by a certain time, the schools across the country will be hit with millions in cuts. for example they could lose as much as $5.4 million. they may not have a job unless they have an m-b-a. employers are expected to increase hiring of four-year college grads by 4%. demand with associate degrees are expected to go up however hiring is expected to be down if you have an mba because they are trying to fill jobs with
5:49 am
lower salaries. traffic is getting busier on many counties. this is a look at san mateo near the high-rise and there is going to be pulling traffic on interstate 880 as you drive through. also the morning commute looks good a long northbound 101 and the traffic is moving along well. 17 and south vanness will be a little bit more dangerous or slower because of an investigation we have been covering on the morning news. and the morning commute on the livermore -- in the livermore moore valley will be slower but it gets better by the time you reach dublin. good morning mostly clear, but by this afternoon the system is finally moving and it will be here for a first round of rain. nice pattern here the last couple of days and that ends today as we get more clouds in
5:50 am
here. the first system begins tomorrow with rain and then the second system drops and it will be a colder one late saturday into early sunday so maybe saturday will not be bad but in between saturday and sunday there could be moderate to heavy rain. a little bit of fog is being reported at sonoma airport, a lot of lower 40s though. sign itly we have something to bump it alongment our cloud forecast, you get the idea. it could be a few splash and dash showers. i will be talking about rain and by the morning commute it starts to push off to the sacramento valley and then here comes that cold front moving everything along friday night looks like rain overnight as
5:51 am
well then we get a little bit of a break and here comes the colder second system coming in and then north bay for everyone saturday into sunday morning. so the rest of sunday may not be bad but breezy and cool. it picks up because of cloud cover and 60s more than anything else and it may be warmer for some over towards gilroy but 68 should cover it for most. we'll see a little bit of a break may be 10 to 2:00 pam, go with that. >> okay. >> and then monday looks pretty good >> >> they reported a big jump in the number of people filing for unemployment. 43 9,000 filed for the first time and it is higher -- it is at the highest level. hurricane sandy is to blame. it cut off power forking many
5:52 am
people to delay claims until last week. an enormous warning. what may happen tomorrow if a strike does not end against hostess food company. and a plane landed where a plane is not supposed to land. relieve their sore throat?
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. time now 5:54, an emergency landing, john mayors landed safely yesterday morning, he was testing his plane when it lost power. three hours later, the plane was fixed and it was able to take off again right from the freeway. a group of nudest is suing san francisco. they say there are too many complaints about public nudity and supervisors will vote on the ban on tuesday. hostess says if workers are not back on the job they will
5:56 am
file for liquidating the company tomorrow. they walked out after seeing their benefits slashed and their pay cut 80%. hostesses are cutting and if workers are not back by 2:00, they will ask them to liquidate the entire privately held company. if approved all of the plants could be closed by next tuesday. a new report says california has the highest poverty rate in the united states. nearly 9 million live in poverty because of the high cost of living and immigrant population. many still working at shelters and food banks. >> the number of people we serve is 50% and continues to edge up even with the economy.
5:57 am
>> 4 million people are living below poverty line and that's about #0% of the population. some of the needy family will be given away and the give a wart starts at 10:00 this morning and ends at noon tomorrow. sal is talking about our commute. >> yes, we are looking at the santa clara valley and people are not on the roads in a major way and that's good if you want to get ahead of the crowd. 880 looks good and coming up we will have a complete look at some of the east bay and contra costa commutes.
5:58 am
a frightening seen on the streets of san francisco, police suspect he illegitimate a path of destruction. we will have more on the reason why arson investigators are on this case. it will end up on the cloudy side and any rain? we will have the forecast coming up.
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